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Authentic Asian Flavors – Organic Groceries Online

The Asian Organics range of organic groceries online includes the real flavors of Asian cuisine. These ingredients have been refined for centuries in various South East Asian countries. Our organic groceries are manufactured in Thailand. However they bring you the best of different influences. Strong ethnic flavorings come from Chinese and Japanese as well as Thai Cuisine.


The Asian organics range of organic groceries includes:-

Organic Asian Sauces, Organic Asian Condiments, Organic Asian Curry Pastes, and Organic Asian Spices.

Our organic product range includes; stir fry sauce, soy sauce, rice vinegar, chili sauce, sweet chili sauce. Also we offer green curry paste, red curry paste and Pad Thai sauce, etc. See the full product range in our online store.  They are organically grown and also certified organic. This gives you real natural flavor that is authentically Asian cuisine.

Asian Organics – Sustainable cultivation.

Asian Organics imports authentic Asian flavors that are certified organic and good for you. Our growers use sustainable cultivation practices. These products are manufactured under strict HACCP protocols. They are independently Certified Organic for USDA and for Europe. So you will find those certification logos on the products. Also we like to ensure our packaging is recyclable to minimize the effects for the environment.

Experienced Food Importer Wholesalers & Distributors.

Asian Organics is a division of Opera Foods Pty Ltd. Additionally we are the exclusive Australian importer and distributor for Asian Organics.

Opera Foods is an Australian food manufacturer and importer. We are a long established food wholesaler. We distribute grocery lines to independent supermarkets, delis, greengrocers and health food stores. Additionally we supply foodservice outlets across Australia. We also sell online direct to the consumer in bulk buy orders.