Organic Chili Sauce 200ml – Asian Organics


  • Always Keep it in your Pantry – Cook with Confidence
  • Perfect dip for appetizers or crackers
  • Organic Ingredients for a refined taste and good health
  • Sustainably grown with no pesticie residues
  • Makes a great accompaniment to your banquet
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Organic Chili Sauce 200ml – Asian Organics is a fresh ingredient for Asian Cooking manufactured in Thailand by Asian Organics . Buy Organic Wholesale for authenic Asian flavors in your cooking.

Asian Organics offers authentic Asian grocery that are certified organic, online from their warehouse in NSW Australia.

Our Organic Chili Sauce 200ml – Asian Organics is a favorite in organic ingredients for  Condiment, seasoning,dipping sauce,.Makes a great accompaniment to your banquet and we are delivering Organic Asian  sauces, condiments and and Stir fry ingredients to retailers in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane suburbs overnight. We also supply consumers direct for your Organic Asian cuisine flavors conveniently stored in your home pantry.

Makes a great accompaniment to your banquet

Country Of Origin: Organically Made In Thailand
Ingredients: Water, Organic chili paste (chili, water, salt), Organic cane sugar, Organic pineapple vinegar, Organic pickled garlic, Xanthan gum (0.20%)
Allergen Statement:


Energy:                   618
Protein:                  0
Total Fats:             0
-Saturated Fats   0
Carbohydrates     35.9
– Sugars                30.1
Sodium                  1660

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