Organic Quinoa Flour 400g (BB- 09 Nov.2023)


  • Keep Organic Quinoa Flour handy for tasty meals
  • Premium Organic Quinoa Flour
  • Organic Quinoa Flour for healthy eating
  • Keep chemical residues down with organic food
  • For a nutty flavor and extra texture
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Asian Organics offers authentic Asian grocery that are certified organic, online from their warehouse in NSW Australia.

Our Organic Quinoa Flour 400g (BB- 09 Nov.2023) is a favorite in organic ingredients for  .For a nutty flavor and extra texture and we are delivering Organic Asian  sauces, condiments and and Stir fry ingredients to retailers in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane suburbs overnight. We also supply consumers direct for your Organic Asian cuisine flavors conveniently stored in your home pantry.

For a nutty flavor and extra texture

Country Of Origin: Peru
Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Quinoa Flour
Allergen Statement:


Energy:                   1720
Protein:                  14.3
Total Fats:             6.7
-Saturated Fats   0
Carbohydrates     0
– Sugars                66.7
Sodium                  7.1

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