Differences between Conventional and Organic foods

Problems with a lot of Conventional Foods.

A Range of chemicals are involved in the production and processing of what are now conventional food products.

Conventional agriculture often uses pesticides that leads to the compromising of local, regional or even global ecosystems.

Often fortified with vitamins and nutrients using various artificial processes.

The residues of these chemicals and additives in food products have suspicious effects on human health and there are risks associated with exposure to pesticides.

Organic Foods

Organic foods rely on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of foreign inputs that have adverse effects.

The entire production from planting to post harvest follows strict protocols and standards.

Organic food production considers what is good for our environment, our safety as food product consumers, and the workers’ welfare.

Food Products without artificial additives retain more of the rich natural nutritional content from the organic produce.